Viral Launch Review: Is it Best Tool So Far?

created on 20/03/3

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Currently, there are lots of product research tools online. The problem with the flooding of such tools in the market is that you can never know the one that could turn around your Amazon business. Each of the products carries special capabilities. Settling on one product can take a lot of time, but with the right information, you can choose the perfect tool. Today, we decided to review a tool, Viral Launch, to decide whether it is appropriate for you.

Brief History of Viral Launch

Casey Gaussis developed by Viral Launch. Casey shares how the idea of Viral Launch was not his own but of an Amazon seller, Jordan. Jordan had always wanted to start a business with Casey and knew his knack for tech and brought the idea of starting a business with the promise it could make them $10,000 a month. Casey handled the coding side with Jordan handling the Amazon business side. Jordan, in the beginning, controlled a 60 percent stake with the remaining control going to Casey, later it became 50-50 before Casey convinced Jordan to sell the entire stake. Today Viral Launch worth tens of millions having helped even those who did not have money to make money on Amazon.

Unique Features of Viral Launch

Amazon comes with multiple capabilities executed through its unique tools. The features are as below:

  • Product Discovery - Your business on Amazon takes off when you have the right product to sell listed on Amazon. This process might take a while, but the Viral Launch Product Discovery object, that should be easy. This discovery feature helps you identify a profitable product for your niche. To arrive at the right product, this feature offers you smart filters to decide on the product based on its category, sales monthly, and sales history. Moreover, it shows you what would be your initial investment.
  • Keyword Research - The biggest goal for any Amazon seller is to make their product discoverable. The reason is a lot of competition on Amazon given its many sellers. Some are good at the business, and some are amateurs, but nothing can beat a good listing's optimization. The keyword research feature allows you to arrive at high-quality keywords to use for your product descriptions to make the product appear on top pages. The feature also functions as a list builder. With quality keywords, customers can arrive at more promising listings quickly.
  • Market Intelligence - Understanding the market dynamics of a product before a listing is important. Even so, Viral Launch market intelligence feature scans a product and ends up with an in-depth analysis of every important data you may need about the product. The feature, for instance, will pull all data across the Amazon marketplace about a single product and give you a detailed demonstration of a product's market trends. You will be able to get an insight into the estimated profits, the estimated amount for the initial investment on an Amazon business, as well as predicted sales.
  • Product Launch - Have you wondered why the developer of this tool called it Viral Launch? Well, before this tool was an Amazon research tool, it used to be merely a product Launch tool. At the time, their intelligence and discovery tools were non-existent. The feature, however, did not lose its place because once you have it the Viral Launch team can launch your product for you. One advantage of Viral Launch is that it will use its buyer database to expose your product to sellers on the first day. The feature also suggests and schedules to your keywords. Moreover, when using the keywords.

Viral Launch Payment

There are four categories in Viral Launch pricing. First plan is "beginner" plan that goes for about $50.15. Another plan is the pro seller at about $84.15. The third plan is the brand builder at about $125. All these plans are monthly charges. Another plan is the Kinetic plan with varied prices.

Final Thought

Deciding on the best tool may not be easy, but having one that you can trust to help is a good thing. This viral Launch Review should make that choice easy for you. Besides, the tool also exists as a web app and as a search engine extension.

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