Top Amazon Keyword Blaster tools 2020

created on 20/03/14

Without a significant stranglehold of keywords, your entire Amazon sojourn will be in tatters. When you maximize a blog content or post, you optimize that content for a particular keyword. If a vender is ranking for “roundup of the best 2020 travel shopping stats,” ensure that “travel shopping stats 2020” is well displayed on the url, page title, meta description, etc. Same way we optimize Amazon item lists. We do this by adding the most relevant keywords to your item’s title, item information, & on other areas of the seller account. By applying keywords, you are allowing Amazon to gain more insights about your products that regular buyers won’t see.

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Top Keyword Analytics tools (Paid)


JS helps you to find revenue-scoring items on Amazon. It also sets you above your competitors, alongside getting you reliably high keyword volumes. The qualitative-ness of its data necessitates the $25 monthly price tag slapped on Jungle Scout. All-in-all, it’s worth every penny as it an industry juggernaut in Amazon business optimization. The developers deftly built a user-friendly interface, making a delightful tool in every Amazon seller’s arsenal.

Amazon Keyword tool

Amazon Key-word tool searches crucial key-words with the aid of Amazon autocomplete. Simply enter the keyword & hit enter. The app essentially has 4 metrics namely:

Search density – the per-month search density for a specific keyword

Trend – the manner in which the key-word trends on Amazon search

CPC – the bid rate which advert campaigners remunerate for the key-word

Competition – the amount of advert campaigners who bid the keyword on

As expected, Amazon keyword tool is pricey @$69 per month, however, it’s worth the outlay considering the fact that the seller will be furnished with successful products.

Keyword Tool Dominator

Keyword Dominator tool is a dependable Amazon keyword planner that supports your mission for high-value long-tail keywords to get the targets you crave. The designated field is right at the homepage. Simply insert the desired keyword with an asterisk (*) in front to generate all associated long-tail words and in decreasing ranking importance.

Viral Launch

Viral launch may best remembered for Market Intelligence, but the keyword research software is an innovative way to discover critical keywords. Simply input a keyword and click “search.” Next is a dropdown of keywords alongside relatable metrics, helping you to maximize them. Interestingly, one can convert the results of the metrics to as CSV doc. Keyword researcher by Viral Launch starts at $71 each month.

Helium 10

H10 is an incredulously influential application that standout from the others. Simply input the key-word of choice in the designated field to be served high-res data results on the keyword. A tab titled “word frequency” is close to the keyword’s density assessment. For some serious money-knitting spree on amazon, the seller should consider this tool. Helium 10 is free of charge for the 1 st 20 keywords.

Seller App

Seller App is one powerful keyword picker for your Amazon SEO and PPC endeavors. Boasting a data-bank in excess of 100 million key-words & over 1000 daily key-words searches. SellerApp revs up your Amazon performance. Beginning at $49.99 per month, you can unravel keywords with negligible competiveness & high potential. But you can test run the application for seven days. When you’re pleased, subscribe to any of the premium packages.


Kparser has a very snazzy feature called “categories” that fundamentally bifurcates keywords into various classifications to makes things breezy. Kparser produces best results when used with body terms instead of longtail keywords to realize best results. For instance, query “lamps” in lieu of “lamps for living rooms.” Again, simply compute the keyword you desire to learn. Kparser is one of the less-expensive selections out there as it begins from $4.99/month.


MerchantWords is a keyword directory that leverages Amazon autocomplete to generate info in a very sleek, relatable interface. Sellers will definitely enjoy the “seasonality feature,” which essentially informs you on the frequency of a keyword’s appearance. The global package begins @$60 each month.

Top Amazon Keyword (Free)

Popular Research programs

Amazon Autocomplete

Like, has its nascent search engine that presents important search results whenever you punch-in a keyword. For instance, punching the term “iPhone” will generate connected ideas like “iPhone chargers” “iPhone 7 case” & so on. Since it is free, seller may not get to enjoy paid metrics like per-month search volume or competitor keyword frequency.

Google Keyword Planner

Hey, it’s Google! So, expect quality at its peak with the original keyword planner from the world’s biggest search engine. Slot in a keywords short- or long-tail & press “get started.” Vendors can utilize Google planner in dual forms. For one, it can find important keywords for item panes. For the other, find key-words you can bid on purchasing traffic from Google Ads.


Sonar relies on intricate, formulaic algorithms to capture key-words used by Amazon purchasers. However, it falls short of the premium perks required for the assessment of data. It is available as a Google chrome extension.

Final note

You may have used one or more of these tools to derive amazing results, so keep trying until you reach a steady-state where you’ve become the undisputed niche dominator.


Amazon keywords, what are they?

Amazon keywords are search titles or terms that Amazon shoppers query in search engines whenever they are looking to purchase an item.

How many keywords can one use on Amazon?

Amazon allows you to compute 5 lines for keyword insertion. Originally, AMZ allowed seller to compute 50 characters at each line. In year 2016, the company upgraded that figure to 1000 from 250.

What is Amazon SEO?

Amazon SEO is a term used to describe the optimization of item lists in a way that gets the item displayed at the pinnacle of Amazon Search queries for important keywords. Essentially, Amazon SEO equals optimization of item listings, which then equals improved ranks, bolstered visibility & enhanced revenue.

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