FBA Toolkit: Monitor Your Amazon Sales Estimates

created on 20/02/19

So, you want to sell on Amazon. But you’re a complete newbie who doesn’t know where to begin. Or maybe you’ve done a bit of research, and you know a little about Fulfillment by Amazon, A.K.A., Amazon-FBA. This simple term used to regard those products that are stored and shipped by Amazon; they are “fulfilled by Amazon.” To help avoid extra storage costs, the wise seller keeps only their fastest moving goods with Amazon. But even these goods need help selling sometimes, especially if they are from a new seller.

That’s when software like the FBA Toolkit comes in. But does the Amazon FBA Toolkit measure up?

The FBA Toolkit: What is it?

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The FBA Toolkit is a software that was created with a suite of tools to help Amazon users using FBA. In other words, the FBA Toolkit is made to help new sellers and new sellers using FBA to make more profit. But while the website was made to take a load off FBA sellers, it certainly isn’t free. 

What’s the cost of the FBA Toolkit?

FBA Toolkit has five plans or packages, each with different services attached according to the price. 

The first is the Scouter package, which comes with the first month free. Subsequent payments are $5 per month. The second is the Starter package which costs $50 a month. The third package is the Business package. This package is for the experienced and expanding seller. The fourth plan is Enterprise , and it’s for the growing company. The most extensive and expensive plan is called Elite . It’s a plan for established organizations and large companies because no small seller is going to have $1000 lying around every month. 

However, there’s a catch. On the pricing page of , it clearly says that FBA Toolkit retains the right to terminate your subscription at any time and for any reason. It also states that there will be no refunds of any kind if such an event happens. This smacks of poor customer service. You may want to consider this before buying a plan.

Features of FBA Toolkit

The FBA Toolkit has only three features with a straightforward design. This is a real draw, especially for those sellers that aren’t so tech-savvy. We’ll explain these three user-friendly features further:

  • Product Tracker: This FBA tool allows you to track various information in a product listing. This information can be the price, stock, and sales of the listings in question. As with many Amazon-FBA web apps, the more expensive the plan, the more products you can track. And the more products you can track, the better you can see any arising problem and nip it in the bud before it becomes a major issue. 
  • Price List Analysis: This function lets you create an FBA spreadsheet with ASINs or other similar identifying codes. Once you upload this FBA spreadsheet , with or without a cost field (it’s not compulsory), all sorts of relevant information will be generated. The ASINs will allow us to now be able to tell things like profits, current offers, markup, and estimated sales rate). This is invaluable when planning to overtake the competition.
  • Sales Rank: This FBA tool can be used from the homepage of FBA Toolkit’s website. When you put in your product’s current rank on Amazon in the Sales Rank feature, it automatically gives you an estimate of sales per day for that specific product or category. This can be used to estimate your sales for the day carefully. It also gives information on how products performed historically, which is crucial when researching the competition.

You can also use the free FBA Chrome extension. It’s called the FBA Calculator free extension, and you can use it to gather sales estimates, volume and calculate FBA fees.

How do you use the FBA Toolkit?

The FBA Chrome extension is one of only two services that FBA Toolkit provides for free. The Sales Rank is free to use as well. You have to be a paying customer to use the rest. Here’s how to use the Sales Rank.

  1. Choose a product to estimate, then go to the information section and search for its category and Best Selling Rank (BSR).
  2. Copy the BSR into the appropriate space. Select the category from the dropdown box.
  3. And voilà! FBA Toolkit will show you the product’s data. This information is fantastic for product research and sales predictions.

Final thoughts

While the FBA Toolkit might be easy to use and have great features, it’s feels rather unsafe to invest in a program that says it can cancel my subscription any time without any warning or reason. The features are also too few to provide value for the steep price that’s asked for. 

The FBA Toolkit does still run well, but other, cheaper alternatives may have usurped its position.


What markets are supported by FBA Toolkit?

With the Elite and Entrepreneur plans, the FBA Toolkit is supported in eight Amazon markets. These are Spain, the United Kingdom, Denmark, France, Italy, Canada, Mexico, USA.

Does FBA Toolkit offer a free trial?

There is the free first month on the Scouter package.

Can I cancel my FBA Toolkit?

Unless your subscription is canceled by the developers, we see no means of canceling a subscription by yourself.

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